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COVID-19 —-We know how important health and safety is to everyone.  We are prepared for the new work environment with the following precautions.  While on location we wear a face mask and gloves to help protect you, and our staff.

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We currently hold a FAA107, Commercial Drone Pilot Certificate. Which the FAA requires.

Our business and drones are insured and licensed.

We are a licensed small business thru the state of Kentucky, and can operate any where in the United States.

Services We Offer

Community Events

Church Events /  Fair’s / Family Reunions / Festivals / Sporting Events

With large or small events we can capture aerial photos and video, of the event.  There are several benefits of obtaining aerial footage for events.  By getting the aerial views you can really see how successful the event was overall. We also work with law enforcement or security to help provide aerial views for security at events. 

We understand the importance of your event and by providing aerial video for security is one way we help you have a successful event. Others have used the footage to help promote future events, and help market locations for visitors.  

Inspections / Map Assist

Agriculture / Cell Towers / Insurance / Land Development

We can take photos and video of structures which will provide a detail view of the structure.  No need to climb towers, or onto top of structures.  We can fly a drone near the structure and obtain data which can be used to provide information as to if repairs are needed.  

If you are in need of mapping we can assist.  Although our maps are not survey accurate we work with land surveyors to get the maps certified if needed.  We can provide different types of maps depending on your project needs.

Real Estate

Auctions / Commercial / Residential / Rental Properties 

Study has proven that listings with aerial footage not only sell faster but bring larger profits.  Allowing people to see your property with aerial video and photos allow them to get a view of the area before coming out for a tour.  This saves you and your buyers time.  As they can plan their day of tours of properties that they are really interested in buying.

VR Tours

Auto Dealers / Business / RealEstate / Rental Properties

With the ability to create 360 photos and video, your customers can view property as if they were standing the rooms.  Clients can take a virtual tour walking thru the front door and go into all the different rooms without leaving their computer.  We create tours that allow the clients experience tours as if they were on site. 

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